We are excited to announce the launch a new serious of “Torah and Tea” called: “It’s About Time: Kabbalistic Insights for Taking Charge of Your Life”

Our Nex meet-up will be  7:00-8:30 @ The Setai Club – 40 Broad St.

“Torah and Tea” is a women’s-only group that get together monthly at The Setai Club and features tea, refreshments and of course, Torah.

It’s About Time is a practical and insightful spiritual journey toward self-mastery and living a happier, more fulfilling, and more effective life. Each of the seven once-per-month classes focuses on one aspect of personal life related to the kabbalistic energies of the month.

Topics discussed in the course include emotional mastery, sleep and renewal, nutrition and dieting, happiness, communication skills, faith and knowledge, and how to implement lasting change.