The Story of the Jewish Learning Experience

The Jewish Learning Experience is directed by Rabbi Nissi and Chaya Eber, under the auspices of Rabbi Shmaya and Rochel Katz of Chabad of Wall Street and the worldwide Chabad movement.

At the age of 14, while studying at a Yeshivah high school in Brooklyn, young Nissi volunteered his Fridays and visited the financial district to meet with Jews and offer them the opportunity to put on Tefillin, light shabbat candles, and study Torah.

Nissi’s rabbinic studies took him from Brooklyn to Paris, and after a rabbinic internship in Buenos Aires, he received his rabbinical ordination in Jerusalem. As a rabbinical student, he volunteered his Passovers and summer vacations to assist far-flung communities, including those in Peru, Russia, Nepal, Brazil, Costa Rica and the island of Reunion.

Yet throughout those years, whenever Nissi returned home to New York, he made his way back to his old stomping grounds at Wall Street to meet old friends and invariably make new ones interested in studying more about Judaism.

Chaya, born and raised in Montreal, Canada, completed her studies in Safed, Israel, and is currently earning a Master’s Degree in special education and early childhood. Chaya has volunteered and directed summer camps in Texas, California, Guatemala, Ukraine, Sweden and Thailand.

After their marriage in 2013, Nissi continued his outreach on Wall Street, partnering with Chaya who began offering her own classes and courses. Together, with warm smiles and a non-judgmental approach, they have already launched highly successful programming with the plan of further enhancing Jewish life in the Financial District.

The Eber’s efforts led to a collaboration with Chabad of Wall Street and the founding of the Jewish Learning Experience.

With their young children Chana and Leibel on board, they have already become valuable members of the JLE team, by reaching out with their irresistible smiles, and simply being their adorable self’s!