Good evening Rabbi Nissi,

I am leaving USA on Saturday night after Shabbat. I wanted to and thank you. Your lessons were very instructive and helpful for me. You have such a beautiful way to speak.

I just wanted to let you know that after each lesson I always sent a message to my family to tell you about the daily lesson and they were always very interested in it.

I keep in mind the first time you talked to me in our building, how you had “feeling” for my Jewish spirituality
You are more than welcome whenever you want to come to visit in France.

I hope our ways will meet one day, very soon.

Your friend

Hello Rabbi,
I hope all is well with you.

I wanted to let you know that I’ve met my father yesterday in Israel after 16 years. It was a very nice meeting and I’m glad I consulted with you about the initial contact. So thank you for your good advice and the example you shared with me.

Yom Kippur is approaching and I wanted to ask you if I should fast because I’m pregnant 🙂

Shana Tova!

Dear Chaya,

Thank you for the amazing evening yesterday! I am grateful to have you and your husband in our life.

All the best,

Dear Rabbi,

I know you are not reading this now [Shabbat], but when you do open this email, kindly know how happy this email made me!

I (in the most positive sense) am the bagel-and-lox assimilated Jew you wrote about.

Thank you for the history and the smiles!
Nissi and Chaya,

Many thanks for the wonderful Shabbat dinner and for letting us spend some time with the beautiful and enchanting chana-she is an absolute delight.

Your home is so warm and inviting. We enjoyed meeting all of your guests and sharing a meal and conversation with them. And-although perhaps chaya has heard this one many times-the meal was perfect in every way. We believe there are at least another chaya (or two) hidden away somewhere who help her with the preparations.

We wish you a Shana Tova, an easy fast and many blessings throughout the year.

Evan & Sarah

Hi Rabbi,

I hope you, Chaya and Chana are all well. Thank you so much for the “care package”.

I appreciate it so much but even more, I appreciate your friendship. I feel as though you’re family. Really, your kindness is much appreciated.


Thank you Rabbi for the Shabbat package. I wish you and your family a happy Shabbat as well.

My job didn’t work out so I’m back in search mode again and receiving this blessing from you and every time I hear from you makes it easier to deal with the stress going on right now for me in my life.

Hey Nissi,

I hope all is well with you and your family.

Just wanted to relay some good news to you. I got a job with capital one as financial adviser. They gave me a territory of 5 bank branches.

I wanted to let u know to keep up the great work u are doing and I thank u for the countless Torah lessons and exceptional work u do!
Hag Sameach Nissi !! Thank you for always keeping Judaism alive in all of us. Happy Passover from Tel Aviv
Hey Nissi thank u so much for hospitality, the food and drinks but mostly thank u for sharing ur wisdom! I did no work this Saturday, that was my take away 🙂
Thank you so much Rabbi! You are truly an incredible person, teacher and friend. I thank God for you everyday. You have had a profound impact on my life.

I hope you have a wonderful Passover as well!