The past year the FiDi Jewish Community was blessed to have Elliot J Dabah “EJD” part of our lives. Elliot was always sharing positivity, friendship and great experiences. We will never forget him!

Elliot was a staple at our Shabbat dinners and you could be sure to get a smile, hug or handshake from Elliot – everyone’s friend. Because that’s who Elliot was, a friend.

Elliot was pure goodness, kind and generous to all. He had a true “joie de vivre” and was friendly and welcoming to everyone he met. 

He was always there to help. He was there to play guitar for our Hebrew school kids, he was there to help make a Minyan for a Bar Mitzvah boy with Autism and he was there to help deliver and bring the holiday joy to the people of FiDi. The list goes on… Because Elliot was always there for everyone.

The last Friday night that Elliot was with us, when he introduced himself his face shone as he spoke as he spoke about Shabbat dinner pre-covid, delivering cheesecakes and simply being part of our community.

Now it is time for us to continue Elliot’s Legacy. We know that he wants us to continue living life with utmost joy and generosity to others. Elliot would encourage us to continue doing his favorite mitzvot; Shabbat, Torah and care for others.

Let’s join together for Elliot and envision him cheering us on from heaven with his incredible Elliot smile.

May Eliyahu Ben Yaakov’s soul have an Aliya and may his memory be a blessing!

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