The Jewish Learning Experience will be introducing a new course featuring four classes centered around hot-button political issues relevant to the current presidential election. This course will tackle these tough issues head-on by comparing how U.S. law, contemporary Israeli law, and Talmudic law approach these matters.

The class will take place at 80 Broad Street, Floor 3, The Main Conference Room. Starting November 3rd for four consecutive Thursday’s 1:00-2:00. A Sushi Lunch will be served.

Disclaimer: we will not discuss the current candidates only the topics mentioned below.

The classes include:

The Kabbalah of Your Political Choices – November 3rd
Today’s political situation is extremely polarized. The differences between conservative and liberal, Republican and Democrat, and progressive and libertarian seem to have hardened.
And yet the Jewish Sages — particularly the Jewish mystics — have taught us that there is a deep, hidden unity connecting all things in this world. While human beings sharply differ from one another in terms of personality and opinions, perhaps we can go beyond the superficial and discover what unites us rather than what divides us while still appreciating our unique differences. Can we find insights that will help us to understand and listen to each other, even when we disagree?

Income Inequality – November 10th
Is disparity in income necessarily a social evil? Must a society restrict the amount of income citizens can earn? Or can a disparity in income be acceptable or even beneficial for society?
Learn the Torah’s wisdom on this important issue.

Wealth and Leadership – November 17
The personal wealth of a candidate has become a hotly debated election issue. Some presidential candidates have highlighted their wealth and success as something that makes them uniquely qualified for the presidency, while others have pointed to their own middle class status as evidence that they are more in touch with the concerns of the common person.
Is it an asset or a liability for a leader to have great personal wealth? What is the Torah’s view of the relationship between personal wealth and leadership ability?

The Biblical Tax Rate – November 24th
Advocates of various approaches to taxation, from supporters of the fair tax to supporters of the flat tax, have endeavored to find biblical support for their perspectives.
How does the biblical system of taxation actually work? How did Jewish communities living in accordance with Jewish law throughout the centuries fund the various needs of their communities?